Mohair and Alpaca Oh My!

I'm super behind on customs and reroots, but I managed to start the alpaca plugs for a current alpaca reroot I'm working on. The hair ended up being to short to lock and loop, so I opted for the knot method, not my favorite. The knots take a while to prep, but the rerooting is fast. I'm limited on space, so I'm filling up one length of tape, glueing the knots, drying and then rerooting... then repeat. It's going to be gorgeous though!

Also, my spinning wheel will be here today! I've been staring out the window like a hawk, just waiting to see the UPS guy walk up! Ahhhh! I decided to prep some mohair locks to spin. I've been dieing to card and spin this up for some fuzzy fingering weight yarn to crochet into some Blythe hats. It's going to be awesome! There isn't a whole lot there to spin, but just enough for maybe a hat or two.

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