New girls on the way and big news!

I haven't been very active on my blog posts, ack! I hate that! AND, I just remembered I forgot to do an inspiration Friday post!!! OMG! Working on that right now after I do this quick post hehe I've been very scattered lately and my knee has been killing me, so I think my attention span is everywhere.

So I couldn't wait to post pictures of these two girls I have coming home this next week! The first girl is a Peony with an Amaryllis scalp. She was customized by the ever so talented Tiina, just Tiina! She couldn't have turned out any better, I love her to death. I've never been one for vampire custom Blythe's, but I love Tiina's vampire girls. Since I already have some "normal" mouthed girls I thought a vampire would be a fun change. Tiina has always been one of my favorite customizers, right up there with Erica Fustero and Hola Gominola. Now I just need a Hola girl! (Picture by Tiina, just Tiina)

Up next, is my Erica Fustero custom! Ahhh, so in love. Erica has become a good friend of mine through emails and flickr. She is so very talented and is an amazing illustrator (hence the blog banner), who else would come up with the idea of a panda shooting yarn balls out of bazooka! She recently customized my Simply Chocolate who was only at my place for a very short time. Seems like right when she arrived, I shipped her right off to Spain. She did her lids in a type of theme, bad stuff like monsters on one lid and happy stuff like unicorns on the other. I named this girl Chuck and she is sporting one of the slouchy beans I made too! (Pictures by Erica Fustero)

Ok, on to the big news! I was asked last month to be featured in the print magazine Doll Customizer for the month of August!!! Not only will I be in the magazine, one of my custom Blythe's by me will be the cover picture! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! You can read more about the magazine here.


  1. Ahhh these girls are divine!

  2. awwwww they are gorgeous....I love the little vampire!