Night Time Post

Had a great mail day today, both my custom girls arrived! I had to pick up my brown haired girl from the post office since I missed the delivery yesterday and then later on my vampire girl arrived! I'm totally in love with these two, they are both SO different. I named the vampire Beetlejuice and my other girl is named Chuck. (Erica Fustero customized the brown haired girl and Tiina, just Tiina customized my vampire... both amazing artists!)

I made a huge mess while working on these two girls, they needed their chips swapped and I decided to give them sleep eyes.

So, I'm eagerly awaiting my new spinning wheel to ship out. It has been killing me, I'm dieing to spin! I got a ton of fiber in the mail yesterday and the day before. A bunch of batts from Spun Right Round and Hobbledehoy, both my favorite shops! Here is one of the batts from Hobbledehoy!

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  1. awww they are so frigging cute! I really love the pictures....especially of your work space :)