On the wheel... and Chuck too!

So glad I got a wheel again! Ahhhh! I'm almost down spinning half of this roving, then I need to spin the other half though. I'm not sure I like Wensleydal roving, my favorite is plain superwash, but this one is interesting. It's a tad too fuzzy for my taste, but I'll see when I ply it.

Chuck decided to jump in the roving basket while I spun, she is so damn cute I can't contain myself! Ahhh! She is literally every custom doll I've ever liked, wrapped up into her. And yes, I will be the crazy doll lady in California... she's coming with me for some fun photo shots. If my Mui Chan arrives by Friday, she is coming too! I'm hoping to meet up with some Blythe buddies in the area while I'm there, but not 100% sure I will be able to get away for a couple hours yet.

Here's  better shot of this cross stitch I've been working on, Zoë is only half a girl here and Elvis & Lucy (our other two cats) are on the next page. I'm already done with the two cats and Zoë!

Had a fun mail day! I completely forgot I ordered a hank of Ozark yarn and got some sundries off the BK forum, eep! I've been trying to get my hands on this kitty tank for ever! Finally got it, put it on Chuck for now, but I got it for the Mui Chan.


  1. Can't wait to see what the cross-stitch turns out like! I have a cross-stitch project that I have long-abandoned, but have just seen so many cute patterns lately!


  2. Yes, I too want to see the crosstitch!!