Weight Loss Goals and Rewards

I'm working on a list of goals and rewards I want to do for myself when I hit each goal. I'm still editing this list as I come up with more things! Any idea's? I'm not girlie, more down to earth - hippie like.

Big Goal = Loose 120 pounds

Weight to loose = Reward

5 lb = Charm

10 lb = Haircut

20 lb = New Bag!

30 lb = Clothes

40 lb = Movie Night with Hubby

50 lb = Weekend Getaway and a hike!

60 lb = Clothes

70 lb = Dinner with Hubby

80 lb = Mani and Pedi

90 lb = Clothes

100 lb = Big Tattoo Piece

110 lb = Photo Shoot for fun!

120 lb = Big Clothes Shopping and Makeover!


  1. what about a fun trip somewhere? like... maybe going on a canoe trip or if it's cold, going ice skating?

    or even just a movie night!

  2. Having been on the weight loss train a couple of times myself, I've always found that a well-timed change of hair style/color to be refreshing. Maybe at the 40lb mark.

    Also, I like the idea of a trip toward the end--it will give you a chance to really see how much better your feel and how much more energy you have.

  3. Awesome idea, Jess :) I need some motivation like this.