What's new pussycat?

Headed over to my parents today with Zoë to let her run around and get some new scenery other than our house. It's getting too hot to play outside and without a car during the day it's too hot to walk anywhere. It's been in the 100 degree's lately, which it's not hot hot yet, but it's getting there.

Worked on some crochet and carved some Blythe lips while I was there. Got a lot done actually, it was nice! I'm hoping to do a shop update soon, could be today... could be tomorrow. We shall see!

I got some new girls yesterday! They are a Bubble Boom, Simply Lilac and Bow Wow Trad. I already started working on the Bow Wow Trad and Bubble Boom, although I will redo the Bubble Boom (who I named Rutabaga). The Bow Wow Trad is actually up for sale on BK right now, I just can't live with the SBL mold. I've never been a huge fan and it seems I'm still now. She is adorable, but not for me.

Looks like I'll be super busy this month, I have around 11 girls I want to get done by July 15th for the magazine shoot. I know I most likely won't use all of them, but I'll try for sure! Here is the line up from one customer, a mix of RBL, SBL and FBL girls. Fun times!! :)

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