Yummy Headbands and Heroic Rendezvous Doll

Last night I couldn't sleep so I stayed up to crochet and chug chocolate milk! I came up with these super cute crochet headbands for Blythe! They tie in the back or side, so you can adjust them to your girls head, especially if they are a puffy mohair queen! These will even fit Dal and Pullip since they can be adjusted.

Check them out in the shop now!

Since I was up late, I managed to come across some other pictures of the Heroic Rendezvous dolls. I've been lusting after these dolls for a while now and haven't had any luck finding one... until last night! I decided on a hunch to check ebay again to see if there were any available yet on there. And yes! There were a handful of them for pre-order!!! I had checked many times before but never got lucky. So, after checking my paypal to only see half of the funds in there for one, I crossed my fingers that I would make a couple sales over night so I could order one in the morning if they were still there... and I just so happened did make some sales and they were still there! I got to pick the hair color I wanted and she will be shipping on June 15th! Ahhhhhhh! I need another, I just know it!

** not my pic **

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