13 Pounds

So I jumped on the scale today and I'm down 6 pounds from Tuesday! I was in heaven! I'm already down 13 pounds and I'm SO pleased! I ordered a knitting charm for my weight loss charm bracelet. I now will have 2 charms, meaning I hit 2 goals so far. I want to fill this bracelet up! Today for lunch I had a handful of super sweet strawberries, some cuties, Fiber One bar (my favorite) and some half frozen water! All for 5 points total!

I'm still plugging away on the alpaca reroot, hoping to finish it up real soon! Up next is a mohair reroot and then a saran. Working on customs this weekend and will be crocheting up a storm tonight!

Poor neglected girls, they have been sitting on the shelf since we got back on Sunday. When I get a moment I'll take them down and do some photography with them. For now they will sit and make me smile when I walk past them <3

Some random shots for you guys! Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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