17 Down!

This morning I checked the scale and I'm now down 17 pounds! Lost 3 pounds since Monday and I added my second charm to my weight loss bracelet! I have about 8 pounds to go before I hit my next goal now, it's every 10 pounds lost. I'm feeling a difference now and it feels great!

The #7 charm was the first I added. My first goal was to loose 5 pounds and I actually lost 7, so it reminds me of that first weigh in. The new charm is a knitting charm, to show that if I can teach myself to knit, I can teach myself to eat healthy and loose weight. Every charm I add will represent me and something I love or something that will symbolize something to me.


  1. Congrats! This is awesome and super inspiring. I need to lose weight, but I keep postponing it.

    Where are you getting your charms & bracelet from?

  2. CONGRATS, and I love this idea. It will mean so much to look at all your charms later on and remember what each one symbolizes.HUGE CONGRATS....and super cute charm by the way :)