Capucine, Done!

Finished up the Capucine this morning and I love it! I couldn't find my size 11 dpns to finish the top, so I grabbed my size 10 dpns, can't tell at all luckily! I love this pattern but I will be doing some modifications on the next one. I only plan to do the garter up to row 29 and not 30, so when I join in the round the good side of the ribbing will face out. Also, I will only work 4 rows of the stockinette on top instead of the 8.

Worked a little bit on my Fourteen neck warmer, but not much. This is just hanging out for me to grab when I want some mindless knitting. I love it though!

Took a shot fo the Tea Leaves I'm working on for Zoƫ as well, I'm only like 6 rows in on the yoke. Hoping to work on this a bit today as well, it's a lazy day and I don't feel like cleaning :P

I want to cast on another Capucine using this fiber! I need to spin it up still obviously, but I think it will look great! Hope I have enough fiber though, so we'll see when I'm done spinning it up. The fiber is prepped from one of Hobbledehoy's hand pulled roving... I'm addicted to her dizzed roving! It's SO nice to spin and she uses great color and fiber!

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