The Lurcher Monster

Finished this guy late into the night! He was made for a fun trade with Polly on etsy and is the first monster to get horns! This guy got a slightly longer torso than the rest, that was on accident cause I wasn't paying attention to counting my rows, but I love how it worked out! I may have to do some longer torso's on a few monsters, because everyone knows we need fat and thin monsters in the world, right? haha

More pictures coming today! I'm working on gutting out the downstairs today, I need to purge stuff badly! Lucky I'm not a hoarder haha

Here's an interesting fact about me: I have a hard time getting rid of stuffed animals. When I get a plush from someone as a gift or whatever, even if it's from a dollar machine, I can't get rid of it. For some reason, I feel like they have feelings and would be sad if I throw them out or donate them. HAHA I know, it sounds SO strange, but it's true. So I guess in a way, I hoard plush lol

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