After doing some custom & reroot prep work this morning, I decided to work more on this yarn I'm trying to spin up. I have some great plans for it, I saw this Capucine pattern and I think this will look adorable in handspun yarn! I'm aiming for a minimum of 200 yards in a heavy worsted, I'll most likely get near 300 yards when I'm done which is great! Picking up the needles on Friday for this hat and ZoĆ«'s Tea Leaves cardigan, which I'm also dieing to cast on soon!

Jumped on the scale this morning for my weekly WW check in (at home), I'm down another couple pounds. Would have been more, but I kinda went off the "wagon" a bit last week... and the week before. I'm only 4 pounds away from the 20 pound lost mark, so I'm very strict this week. I want to hit that goal by Monday for sure!

So far, today I had a Fiber one bar for breakfast (love those) and for lunch I had a diet coke and Smart Ones cheese pizze (10 points for the pizza, 0 for diet coke)! I love Smart Ones food, I normally don't go for the microwave foods, but these are great when I'm in a hurry or busy. Cut the pizza up in smaller wedges and you get full faster!

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