Pants on the ground

So after 3 weeks of Weight Watchers, one week I gained a 1/2 pounds cause I couldn't track my points on the road. I've now lost 16 pounds (2 pounds since Monday). This morning I put on my pants and I knew they were getting looser and looser anyways, but normally after I wash them they would be "butt hugger" tight... today, I noticed that wasn't the case anymore. After a couple steps, they just fell off me! So happy and I have never been this determined in my life!

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  1. Excellent! Way to go! I'm currently fighting the eating battle as well... good luck with the rest of your loss!

    I'm currently making a monster- can't wait to see him finished so I can send him to a friend. (if I don't fall in love with him first!)

    Kim in NC