Rerooting Mania

Today's nap time was awesome! I finished the alpaca reroot finally! It should have been done ages ago, but life (Zoë) got in the way for a bit with her cranky temper tantrums. But, it's done! Sending it off on Friday!

Making more progress on the gray-blue mohair reroot, I ran out of tape so I had to stop for a bit. I use double stick tape to stick my plug knots onto, then add a dab of glue to each one. The tape helps hold the knots down while the glue dries, otherwise they would come undone really easy. This is just the method that works really well for me and I'm lost without it! haha

Lastly, I started on this sunshine reroot in a saran blend! I started and finished the partline rows (4 of them) and thatched it. I can tell this reroot will go quickly! I was hesitant on doing it because of the coolcat scalp, I prefer to reroot on a stock Blythe scalp, but it's really nice to work with. I really like the new coolcat scalps, the needle goes in WAY easier than the original scalps. So this is really nice to work with, I'm quite pleased!

Got an awesome package in the mail, my two Button Arcade dresses! I did a fun swap with Kyle and made her a monster in trade for 2 dresses. The monster dress is based off my own monsters, I'm in love! So cute!

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