Reroots and Knitting!

Started working on a mohair reroot for Danny (Friends with Blythe). It's going to go fast, I can tell! Finished the partline in less than 20 minutes. Making more plugs tonight, along with more alpaca ones. The mohair is a gray blue and gorgeous, super soft and shiny!

The alpaca reroot is nearly done, just filling in the last row now and a few spots here and there. It needs a good wash and brushing when it ships out, but it's looking so good! Alpaca takes me SO much longer to get done compared to mohair and saran/nylon. I've been fighting with this hair, it has a lot of waste but looks wonderful on the scalp.

Did a little mini photoshoot with Chuck this afternoon while Zoƫ napped. I haven't taken her off the shelf in a long time, just been so busy. I'm tempted to give Chuck a mohair reroot... or alpaca. Not 100% sure yet though, I love her stock hair a lot, so we'll see.

Lastly, I've been knitting and spinning like crazy! I started on my cardigan the other day and I'm 1/2 way done with the garter yoke using my handspun. Only a couple rows away from making a second buttonhole, one more to go! I'm so in love with the colors and this yarn, it's going to be awesome! Also finished a chunky Zombie yarn and started spinning some Spun Right Round batts, loving the color so far!!


  1. your Blythe work and spun yarn is just amazing!

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