Reroots, Knitting and Chuck!

Been working on reroots like crazy this week, trying to get them done. I'm doing a reroot trade with Mab Graves in a couple weeks for some custom cameo pieces, very excited!! I managed to get half of the saran reroot done in two days. I'm thinking another two days and it will be done.

Here is the alpaca reroot I finished the other day. It needs to be washed and brushed still, but it's soft and wispy! :)

I'm making more progress on the mohair reroot. Finished the partline and crown so far. Hoping to get plugs made for this over the weekend and get a lot more done on it! Dieing to get this one finished up!

A little Chuck in a Buttonarcade monster dress. Thought it was adorable, so I had to slip her in this post haha! She is my one and only Blythe right now in the house. I have a second Simply Chocolate on the way, but she will be getting a Cloud 9 Bowl scalp instead of her current one.

On to the knitting! I finished another handspun yarn the other day, ended up being a little over 230 yards and was perfect for the Capucine! So I cast that on fairly quick after pulling the yarn off the wheel... that's right, without blocking. I'm a rebel, I know lol

Also making progress on my February Lady Sweater (or Handspun yoke cardigan, I call it). I'm only about 16 rows away and one buttonhole from finishing the yoke, yay! Can't wait to start the stockinette body for this, I hope it goes quickly!

Oh ya, I started ANOTHER knitting project. This is my 3rd Fourteen scarf thingy. I love this pattern and it's pretty mindless knitting... also, the Malabrigo was screaming at me to use it. So I had to listen to the yarn, right?

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