Tour De Fleece and Other Updates

After missing the first 3 days of Tour De Fleece, I had to catch up! So during nap time I spun up the rest of half of the Wensleydale roving from Spun Right Round! Woot! Now I need to spin up the other half... I'm dieing to spin up these Hobbledehoy batts and pulled roving I got in the mail Friday, ack!

Just added two new Blythe Boho bags to the shop! I whipped these up in the car on the drive home yesterday. I crocheted and knit nearly the entire way home, it rocked! Not once did I get car sick too, double score! Also started and finished a chunky knit scarf with the new Ozark Opulent yarn I got, I need to block it so I can gain some length still. There was no yarn left, zip! Also started working on a cute little short sleeved cardigan for my Mui Chan, Squid. It's super cute, hope it fits!

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  1. what a sweet little girl! I love the colors you used to dye the wool, they're very complementary together