Yarn and Reroots

I'll admit it, I've been slacking a bit on Tour De Fleece, trying to spin everyday though but not getting yarns done. Ack! But... I finished one late last night!! I only plyed half of the yarn I spun for this one, I'm just not loving the colors, maybe they are too bright and 80's for my taste. I'll crochet up some slouchy Blythe hats from it though and see how I like it then. Still need to count the yardage on it too!

After I took this yarn off I started to spin up this gorgeous hand pulled roving from Hobbledehoy (been a fan of Liz's stuff for years!). The color is like a mix of mustards, purples, pinks and a tad of blue. It's gorgeous spun up! I want the most yardage I can from it so I can use it for part of my February Lady Sweater. So what I decided to do is spin all the yellow up in a single, then spin up some Hobbledehoy Strawberry Jelly batts, and ply them together. I tried a bit of each up to see how they look together... and I love it! The top of the cardigan will be in garter stitch (the yoke) and the rest I'm thinking of doing in plain stockinette with some Malbrigo worsted in a mustard colorway. I think it will be gorgeous! I held it against my chunky Malbrigo mustard to see.

Now, on to the reroots! I'm still plugging and rerooting away on this alpaca reroot. I'm about 3/4 of the way done with the white, then I'll go back and add the auburn streaks. It's beyond soft and airy, the owner of this doll scalp is loving it!

Up next is a mohair reroot that I'm doing as a trade, I got my Mui Chan from him! He sent over this pretty gray-blue mohair for the reroot, can't wait to get this one started next!

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