Bear Hats and Pink Love

Working on a commissioned order of slouchy hats! I have 2 more to make and a monster sweater, then I need to work on a unicorn monster and matching monster sweater for that set! So excited to work on this monster coming up, what could be cuter than a unicorn monster?!

So here's the first hat I finished up yesterday, the yarn is the color of Sweet Potato's, Chuck loves it! Please excuse Zoƫ and Chuck, they were chatting about her shoes after her nap. It was too cute not to post!

I'm on the last row of Marlow, Mab Graves' pink girl! Only half of it left and I will be done today, whoo hoo! Can't wait to photograph this girl today, I'm seeing pink in the photo prop's today for sure!

I've been custom planning on my first full custom girl for auction soon! I'm SO extremely excited about this upcoming custom! Hint, she is a monster lover and is obsessed with sherbet colors! I will be giving her some rooted streaks, a monster-esque pull charm, monster sweater AND she will come with an original signed sketch! Can't wait to get started on her!

And last, wanted to do a post for you Blythe rerooters out there (and long hair lovers)... my husbands hair! His hair is longer than mine and beyond thick. I can probably reroot 4-5 Blythe's with his hair alone. You can say he's sleeping with his eyes open this weekend, I think he's afraid I will be standing over him with scissors one morning. Oh the money he could make selling his hair lol I keep telling him that if we need some extra money this month he could always sell his hair to Blythe rerooters hehe

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