Customs in Progress

I can't believe I forgot to do a post on Mab Graves' girl, Marlow! She is still being worked on, need to do her lids and finish her mohair reroot. I'm working on her reroot today some more and hope to get her lids done this evening! I'm so in love with this girl, she is turning out just how I had imagined!

I am also finishing up the Sunshine girl custom, who the owner has now named Sunshine, yay! It was just a nickname I kept giving her and it stuck! I finished her lids up and need to rephotograph her still, they are glittery! Ahhh! I've been dieing to do glittery lids, so I hope she approves!

Her yellow blend reroot is also finished, it's a nylon blend of 3 shades of yellow!

Working on an Aviator Monster, he is all sewn up now, need to rephotograph him today as well! This little guy is for a swap I'm doing with a sweet friend I met on Flickr! I need to make his red coffee cup still, hopefully I can do that today!

And last, but never least, Chuck! She likes to pop in on the blog from time to time and I just adore this shot I got of her. I found a new place to take pictures of the customs in the house and I wanted to do a shot of her <3

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