Gray- Blue Mohair Reroot

Finished up the mohair reroot yesterday! The last row took forever, I was so afraid of it being too puffy underneath since it's an EBL scalp. I think it will be ok though, so we will see!

Also took a better shot of the custom I just finished up. She has a dark chocolate makeup coloring, very dark and gloomy. Love how she turned out for sure! She will be shipping home this weekend!

I'll end this post with a little Chuck! My one and only girl for now, I have another girl on the way though! So I will post her the second she arrives!


  1. Chuck is such a sweetie...what doll was to begin with? Who is coming??????

    xo Rella

  2. Hehe She is a Simply Chocolate (FBL) and was customized by my friend Erica Fustero! :) I have another Simply Chocolate coming this week, but I'm giving her a Cloud 9 Bowl scalp :) :)