Lazy Saturday

Working on a handful of light projects today, mainly knitting from my swap and commission list. Chuck is chillin' with me on the coffee table while I work on sweaters. She's my sizing model today... well, my only sizing model really lol

A surprise package came to the door today... my Heroic Rendezvous that I ordered in June. She was shipped on June 20th and arrived today, a little over 2 months later. Her box was beat to crap but luckily she is fine inside. She had a light mark on her forehead, but I washed most of it off, I think a Magic Eraser will take off the rest. Other than that, I love her! She is much heftier that Blythe, but a bit shorter. She totally reminds me of the Peanuts characters! I named her French Toast... don't ask lol

I started working on another custom commissions this morning. Carved her and started adding color, but then I decided to sand her off again and continue to carve more. I'm so glad I did! I really love her lip carving. She is supposed to be a sad little girl and hold the spirit of the customers young daughter and the customer said she does! Whoo hoo! Here's a sneak peek for now!

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  1. She's sooo beautiful! Your client must love her!! Is she a Simply Chocolate? I think FBL's make the most beautiful customs.