Mail Day!

Had a fantastic mail day! Got a sweet package from my buddy Amanda! She sent me some Heather Ross and *gasp* Ghosts by Cosmo Cricket! I am in love with this ghost fabric, I need to get more for sure! I'm thinking throw pillows for the living room, ghosts in August, why not? Haha Amanda also sent me some gorgeous pink Koigu, I'm winding this up right away and starting on a pink cardi for my Blythe! I also got an amazing custom necklace by Mab Graves, if you can't tell, it's my Blythe Chuck! Ahhhh!!!!!! I have 2 more pieces coming, one of Zoƫ and the other is one of my monsters. Mab and I are doing an amazing trade! Her girl is here for some pink mohair and I want to customize her for Mab as well.

Here's Marlow, Mab Graves girl before picture. She is too cute for words already! She will be getting pink mohair in several shades and a full new faceup, Mab is so excited! I can't wait to get to work on her! I have only a little bit of work left on the other dolls here and I'm done! I was going to take a break for a while, but I'm rethinking that right now. I woke up to a million comments on flickr last night... kinda making me think working on Blythe's is really special to me. I treasure all my flickr contacts to death. <3

Look at her outfit too! It's beyond cute! I want it for me! haha

I'm working on the last row of the grey-blue mohair today! On top of the reroots and customs, I'm also trying to crank out two new monsters (for swaps) and some monster sweaters for the shop! They are so cute and people seem to really like them, yay! But first, I need to knit up a pink cardigan with that Koigu for Chuck, she needs a cardigan to go with her other Buttonarcade dress! :)

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