A New Friend, Mab Graves

Recently, I had contacted Mab Graves about getting a custom cameo piece made of one of my Blythe's, Chuck. When I heard back from her she had mentioned she would love to do a reroot trade for some pieces. Of course I agreed in a heart beat! I had no idea how much she would spoil me! As a gift, I did a full custom on her sweet Marlow, who is now one of my favorite customs to date. Marlow got a full mohair reroot and faceup, in pink of course! Mab has showered me with the most amazing gifts ever, I feel so incredibly honored to have this collection of hand painted treasure. It's all too gorgeous!

With working back and forth with her the past couple weeks, I can now call Mab a dear friend to me. I have gotten to know her and she is such an inspiring artist! Her artwork is absolutely stunning and her detail to capture each subject is outstanding. I really have seen nothing like it before.

You can find Mab in the following places