What's Brewing?

I have been so busy, haven't had a chance to update the blog, ack! I just finished up two Blythe monster sweaters today. I'm way passed due on these guys but they are finally done, love them!

The cream sweater goes to a set for a swap I did with Unicornmine! I plan to make some sweater sets soon for the shop, as well as monster sweaters on their own to!

I'm trying to get stuff started for the Hissyfits Hullaboo craft show in November. Started to make some monster & acid panda head ornaments yesterday but it was a disaster. A mix between the 110 degree day and being so uninspired to crochet, I frogged more projects than ever. Started one though and I'm about 1/2 way done with the base head, whew! Today is a better day for sure!

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  1. Your monster jumpers are brilliant! I love the matching Unicorn character for the first one. Unicornmine has one lucky Blythe!