Feedback Please :)

Ok, so I whipped up this tiny Takochu headband for Lati Yellow, but I plan on making Blythe and Puki sized as well. What do you guys think? Does it even look like a Takochu? I have other styles sketched out to like a panda, frog and zombie. I also am working on Lati Yellow and Puki sized crochet panda and other creature bags!

Also, wanted to share a little Beetle love with you guys today! She is just too cute, I can't stop picking her up! I have a Puki Pong that should be here any day! Eeep! Tons of tiny pictures coming for sure! I'm working hard on customs and reroots, I'm just about done with a teal saran reroot, only 2 rows left. I have a couple nylon reroots lined up and a teal alpaca for my own girl. I just got 4 Blythes in the mail yesterday for customs and will be working hard on them this weekend.

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  1. I think for Takochu, the circle nose is a bit big, and it needs tentacles!

    When I first saw it, my impression was, "Piggy!!" If you gave it some floppy ears, it would totally be a piggy :)