Lychee, the Puki Puki

So I got this sweet little thing the other day in the mail! She is a Fairyland Puki Puki Pong and super small. I had one ages ago but rehomed it, then I got the urge to buy another one. I only received her on Friday but we just aren't seeing eye to eye, I think buyers remorse is eating me up since she was a bit of an impulse buy. So, I'm letting her go and she is still available!

$225 + shipping (Free US or $20 INT)

She is normal skin and I'm the first owner

Comes with

  • Stock box
  • bee outfit
  • panda helmet
  • Leekeworld Wig

1 comment:

  1. Hello ^^

    I have emailed you regarding this sale and would like to know if the Puki is still available, as it appears so on DoA.

    Thank you~