Newsflash: Beetle can see now! lol

I ordered these sweet little Lati Yellow glasses from Monstrodesigns a couple weeks ago and they arrived yesterday! They are SO cute! At first I didn't think they fit right, so I went to heat up the stems on the glasses to rebend them into shape... then I noticed they weren't getting soft. So I tried to bend them anyways and found out the stems and black coated wire! Duh! So those who have the glasses to and want to reshape them, hope this helps! :)

This morning I'm working on a handful of swaps. I'm finishing up these 3 slouchy bear hats for Karin (fishknees on flickr & etsy). Also working on an Octo-Monster plush for Sherri (SherShe on flickr), as well as starting a pink Amineko cat for Cambear on etsy!

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