Reroots and Upcoming Girl

Thought I would do a separate post regarding my current doll work! I've been working on customs fairly steady lately, as well as reroots. I'm also working on the next full custom girl, a monster themed one!

First up is some sneak peeks of my monster girl in the works. Her faceup is done, just working on her outfit set and custom furry stand! So excited, holy crap! This is the first custom of mine that I truely want to keep to, but I will resist! She is also the first custom that I've carved teeth on and I'm so glad I decided to take a chance and try it out. I love it!

 I'm currently working on two reroots, a pure white alpaca and a saran in PAM colors. Both are gorgeous colors! The saran reroot I'm working on is teal, the color of PAM's hair. It's from Dollmore and is heat resistent, meaning you can use your curling iron (on low) on it and curl it! I'll experiment with some strands and post pictures of it. It's the first time working with this hair, it's very soft and sort of a matte instead of shiny. It's a bit tricky to work with though, I reroot saran/nylon wet, and this hair doesn't seem to stay wet very easy. For those who are used to saran/nylon, you will notice a big difference with this hair though.

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  1. That teal re-root is gorgeous. Can't wait to see how it curls.