Finished up the white alpaca reroot last night! Woot! It turned out gorgeous! Used up all 2 ounces (minus some waste of course). The fiber is from Alpaca Outbacka and I highly recommend this shop, I just purchased 1.5 ounces of teal alpaca for my own girl. You can find their banner link on my website at the bottom here.

Working solely on this teal reroot now that I finished the alpaca. I have a nylon reroot on the way that I'm doing for a swap, so I want to finish this before that one arrives next week. This hair is getting easier to work with for sure, the "not holding water" part sucks, but I'm adapting pretty well. Once I switch to the nylon it will be so much smoother though for sure. I just ordered alpaca in this same color for my own girl, can't wait!

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