Updates and the Shop

Custom Update:

I'm working on customs, was a little behind for a few days, but I'll be working my butt off this weekend. Here's what I will be finishing up and working on:

  • Pixiepoo - lids and finishing touches
  • dolls4emily - starting your girl
  • amandahall25 - hair cut (supposed to be done last weekend, so sorry >_<)
Reroot Update:

Working on two reroots right now, an alpaca and teal saran. Here's where I'm at on the reroots:

  • Alpaca - about 1/2 way done, prepping plugs today
  • Teal Saran - about 1/3 done, working on this today as well
I'm shipping out dolls on Friday as well!

Shop Update:

Some have noticed or heard that I will be moving the shop! I'm getting off of Etsy and moving over to Storenvy. I've been wanting to swap shops for a while, the Etsy fee's are just annoying and being a stay at home mom, I need every penny I can! So I'm slowly moving over, all new shop updates will be on the new shop, see it here:

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