Baked and Knitting

(love the blog title) Today I baked Swiss Chocolate cupcakes with Cream Cheese frosting... and sprinkles! I haven't made cupcakes in ages, so fun! I miss the smell of baked goodies downstairs. I plan on making my favorite cupcakes next week, Spice Cake with Cream Cheese!

Finally working a little on my "Hippie" Capucine hat. I named it Hippie cause the colors just sing hippie! The yarn is my own handspun, I spun it originally for the Lady February Sweater, but I frogged that a while back. This is my second Capucine hat and I love the pattern. I am altering it slightly this time around. I'm only working the garter rows to row 29, then will start to work it in the round. Last time I followed the pattern and worked to row 30 in garter, but the hat was inside out on the ribbing. Nothing big, just thought I would mention it. :) 

I need the needles that this hat is on so I can cast on a slouchy beanie for myself next! I want to use the new handspun I finished earlier today I posted about in the last post. I saw this pattern here and it's perfect!

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