Buu Photoshoot and Hoods!

Took Beetle & Toast to my inlaws yesterday for dinner and got some amazing pictures out on their side of their backyard. These little dolls pose so well and are so fun to photograph, I just adore them to pieces and love knitting and crocheting for them.

Also working on some hood hats for the new shop! I have several designs drawn out so far. Pom Pom hood's, Animal & Creature hoods, Monster hoods and earflap hats! Here is a Pom Pom hood I finished this morning. It's not in the shop yet, I want to make several more for a nice update in a couple days.

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  1. Gahhhhhh! That tiny hat is uh-mazing! Is it Zombies. Run. yarn!? OMG, I can't handle the cuteness!