It's Friday!

Whoo hoo! Still waiting for the little one to take a nap so I can work on reroots, so I thought I would share some new handspun I just pulled off the wheel this morning! I finished spinning it last night, took forever it seemed. I'm hoarding handspun to list in the shop soon, so far I have 2, maybe 3... I'm trying to decide if I can let the 3rd one go or not haha!

Fiber: Spun Right Round (calling it Pixie Sticks)
Yards: 148
Ounces: ??? Need to reweigh it
Weight: Worsted

I finished the handspun slouch hat yesterday as well, but hated it. It bunches up too much on the top and I didn't think about the pattern when I started it. I like more of a slight decrease for hats, so it fits more rounded. This pattern called for a quick decrease for a bunchy effect, not my style. The pattern is great though! Very easy to follow and I did the whole hat in one morning. I frogged it after taking pictures though.

Pattern: Handspun Slouch Hat (ravelry link here)
Yarn: My own handspun, bulky
Needles: Size US 11 (16" circ & dpns)

A little Beetle for a Friday smile! She looked too cute today and wanted to get a few shots of her, can't wait till my Choco Buu arrives! I will have some custom and reroot updates this weekend, working hard on customs tonight and through the weekend! Happy Friday everyone!

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