Knitting, Spinning and Beetle Oh My!

What happens when you stay up late due to insomnia... you spin yarn and knit! Last night I spun up some Hobbledehoy batts I got in the mail yesterday. I found this cute chunky handspun beanie pattern I wanted to do and needed bulky yarn. So when I saw these batts arrive at my door I just knew it was the perfect colors for a hat!

I also worked on my Mustard Capucine last night as well. Finished the ribbing, which took forever, I hate ribbing. But it's done, now I can work on the rest of the hat. I need the needles to work up the handspun hat next but I fear I may need to pick up a second skein of Malabrigo to finish this Capucine.

Fiber: Hobbledehoy Batts - Limoncello colorway
Yards: 116
Ounces: 4.7
Weight: Bulky

Yesterday was a great mail day! Got my batts from Hobbldehoy and got a wig cap & glittery maryjanes for Beetle! The shoes are adorable! They are Ruby Red Galleria in pink glitter, I grabbed them when I ordered her wig cap at DDE, couldn't resist! I have another Muculdoll Buu coming but this one is a choco Buu! I'm SO excited! I ordered her a new set of eyes yesterday alone with Beetle, so hopefully they will arrive all together. I still need to order her a wig, I'm thinking of the same style as Beetle but in black. I really want to find a teal wig for her, but that one will due until I find one.

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