Reroots, Socks and Blythe on a Diet, say what?!

Finally finished the blue/green nylon reroot I was working on! I'll wash it up tonight and take the "official" pictures tomorrow. So glad it's done, now I get to start the next one, a pure white nylon reroot!

Worked on my sock this morning a little, I'm doing the ribbing now, woot! I also added a row or two on ZoĆ«'s sock. I took a quick shot of the toe comparisons on our socks. She has very wide square feet, so I made her toe mainly flat but with a little curve on each side. I wrapped only 4 stitches on each side with 18 live stitches in the middle. Mine has 11 wraps on each side with 14 live stitches in the middle. Such a difference in socks haha! The socks fit her like a glove though, perfectly!

So, Blythe on a Diet... what is this you ask? Well, I know I have been struggling with weight loss and I keep running into other Blythe peeps with the same struggle. So, after thinking for a while on how to get motivated, I thought why not make a Flickr group so others can join and we can motivate eachother! So, for Blythe lovers (or other doll collectors like BJD's), if your struggling with weight, on a diet or just want to get healthy, check out the new Flickr group here!

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