Run Zombies - Socks!

Yesterday I got the most amazing yarn in the mail! Now, I love good sock yarn... I'm a bit of a sock yarn hoarder and all I make my amigurumi with is sock yarn (fingering weight). So my stash is piling up everywhere. Last week I was looking on etsy and found the cutest sock yarn shop called Dyed in the Wool. Her colors are awesome and the show is just so well done and lovely! So I ordered a yarn called Run Zombies, who could resist that?! Got it in the mail yesterday and I was blown away! The packaging for the yarn is too cute, it came in a muslin bag with her logo printed on top. The yarn tags were awesome (and gave me some idea's to!)... not to mention the yarn was amazing! It's super soft and vibrant.

Got a chance to start knitting it up last night after I worked on customs and I love it! I give this shop 5 stars!!

Check out her shop here. She is the nicest shop owner too!

So I stayed up till 2 last night, worked on customs for 3 straight hours! Love the results though! I finished the faceplate of a vampire, sad ghost girl and my own next custom girl who will be getting teal alpaca! (yum!)

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  1. Gorgeous work!! Hey, still waiting to hear that my pink mohair is ready.......was told it would be October......and, well, it's I will zip a note to Sue. I don't see your list to see where you are exactly......I think the last time I looked at it I was a few names away.

    Talk soon xo Rella