Been working a little on my Run Zombie socks this week, not a whole lot. I did manage to finish the heel on the first sock today though, yay! I love knitting socks but hate my shoe size... 12 womens. Takes me forever to get to the heel!!! But it's done and I only have about 3 inches left, I like shorter socks for me. I love long onces, but never have the patience to knit that long when I still have the other to knit lol. Sorry for the crap shot pictures, it was really dim in the house and the big camera's batteries are dead, can't find the charger, ack!

Oh, and for the short rows, I always refer to this tutorial for my socks since I've started doing short row toes & heels.

I started a pair for Zoë this morning too! I've been knitting for over 9 years and I never swatched (gasp)! So when I was trying to figure out the stitch count for a pair to make for Zoë, it dawned on me.... check the stitches per inch on my sock and then just times it by her foot width! I'm getting about 8-9 stitches per inch on size 2's with fingering weight yarn. My socks are 72 stitches and I casted hers on at 52 stitch, same needles and yarn weight. She has very wide stubby feet like her dad lol

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