Sunday Mornings and Sewing!

Woke up at 6:30 this morning, it's so nice and quiet downstairs. Love it! The kids, I mean Bob  and Zoë, are still asleep upstairs so I snuck out to get iced coffee. Just got back and cut out two Blythe skirts to sew up. I'm working on moving my sewing machine downstairs today so I can sew during the week on the dining table.

Also took some cute shots of the girls in their new skirts I made last night! They turned out adorable, so I'm making more for the shop!

Today I'm working on two Blythe customs, I have been having a hard time with time lately, can't find a good time to work on dolls. I will be working hard on a white nylon reroot this week. Must reroot every day during nap time, no more... "well, maybe I will knit today and reroot tomorrow"... I did that nearly all week! I have another reroot lined up right after, it's a nylon blend, so I really want to get that one started by next week. Need to stick to my work schedule!

I did list two new cardigans to the shop yesterday! One is a cropped-sleeve and the other is a regular style cardigan. Check them out in the shop here! I also have some new packaging coming too! Super excited!

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