What I'm working on!

I've been working on customs pretty steady, had to take a few days off last week to focus on the house and Zoë. I'm currently not able to work on customs until my sand sponges arrive this week (should be by Wens). Once I finish the current customs here at the house and one more on the way, I will be taking a break from faces for a little bit. I'm having trouble working with the MSC and it is causing me some nasal issues.

I'm a tad behind on reroots, I'm working on a nylon blend right now and will be starting on a pure white nylon reroot next. I have several lined up after that I will be doing after these two as well! I will continue to take on reroot commissions.

For the shop... I don't have a ton going on right now. I do have some Lati Yellow knit bonnets to list soon now that Beetle has a wig. I was waiting for it to arrive before I take the pictures, so hopefully I will be listing a couple by the end of the week. I am working on some new patterns though, but they might be on hold for release. I'm trying to get my butt in gear soon and start working on my book once again, I just need time to focus. The first pattern is an Octo-Monster! I'm working on the plush now and writing the pattern as I go. Up next is a new Zombie Monster pattern based off my gorey monster I made a while back for a trade. I'm very excited to finally have this pattern made.

Lets see... I'm working on some things for myself in between everything else! I caught my knitting & sewing bug again, so I've been knitting like a mad woman. I finished a second Capucine hat that I posted about yesterday. I also cast on a 3rd Capucine hat last night in chunky Malabrigo in a mustard color. I just love this pattern to death! I am also working on a crochet mobius scarf and still have Zoë's Tea Leaves cardigan on the needles, I'm not very far on it though.

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