What I'm working on!

On Friday I finished 3 faceplates! Whoo hoo! I'm finishing up the lids for two girls and starting on the last custom at the house for AgentOwen on Twitter! I completed a new custom that was for sale but I ended up trading her for a Goldie! More on that in a different post!

On reroots... I'm 3 rows away from completely the current nylon reroot for Cocochoo on Flickr! Next up, I'm starting a pure white nylon reroot and then I have another nylon blend to start after that. They have been steady, I hope to finish the current one this week and get that photographed and mailed out!

In shop news, I'm slowly getting ready to relaunch my yarn shop! Very excited! I'm bringing back handspun, hand dyed sock yarn and roving, stitch markers, knitting bags and so much more! I will be doing a regrand opening soon for that part of my shop soon, working on some rebranding stuff right now and building up some handspun stock to list when I relaunch it! On top of the yarn shop, I'm also working on a Vegan section for the shop. I want to offer some Vegan handmade goods for my customers, including yarn, knits, amigurumi... etc.

Me stuff!! I currently have a pair of socks on the needles. Still on the first one right now, almost to the heel. I still have some other knits and crochet items on the needles (and hook). I need to start finishing up some UFO's. Would like to clear them up on my Ravelry soon!

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  1. I would be very interested in a Vegan section! Going to keep my eyes peeled :)