What I'm working on!

I'm catching up on customs! I'm a tad behind on chips swapping, so I'm hoping to catch up with that today! Hard to use a lighter and glue stick with a 2 year old next to you all the time lol! So I should be finishing that up today and I will have 3 girls to photograph by nap time!

I finished the nylon blend reroot the other day, that was shipped out this morning! I'm starting on a pure white nylon reroot at nap time today. I was going to do a teal alpaca reroot for myself, but since I sold the girl it was going to, I sold the hair as well. It was gorgeous!

I had plans on opening the yarn shop today with some handspun, but I still need to photograph them, ack! I wasn't happy with the pictures from yesterday, so.... I'll redo them today and maybe I can get the shop posted with some handspun later today or tomorrow!

I did open my new Blythe & Lati shop! check it out here! I listed two Lati Yellow earflap hats, there is one left in the shop though. I'm working on a handful of Blythe monster sweaters, cardigans, hats and bags! Also more stuff for Lati Yellow too!

Not a whole lot going on in my side of the table. I still have my sock still on the needles, I'll try to get it off soon. Only have about 2 inches left of the ribbed cuff to do still, just been so busy. I may frog Zoƫ's socks and cast on with a softer yarn later on. The yarn I'm using now is killing my fingers, it's soft, but not that soft. I'm starting a pink Amineko cat this week, need to over dye the yarn still. All I could find in the craft store was pale pink sock yarn and I really didn't want to head to the LYS, so I'm going to over-dye the yarn with hot pink. I'm doing the Amineko cat in trade for some Blythe hats made by the amazing Cambear on etsy!

Don't forget! I'm hosting a Soak giveaway on the blog! Head to the post here to enter and try to win a bottle!!!

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