What I'm working on!

I have two dolls at the house right now that I'm working on! :) I also will be having 4 more coming soon for Mab, those are being done in trade! I'm a tad behind on the two that are here now, but I hope to get them finished up this week!

Still plugging away on the white nylon reroot. Will be working on it every day this week to get it done and so I can move on to the next one!

I have been listing Blythe cardigans every few days. I am sold out of the long sleeved cardigans but have one on the needles now. I'm hoping to get at least 2-3 cardigans done by Friday, maybe a xmas themed one to!

Ummm... nothing lol Frogged my socks since they didn't fit at the ankle, I'm just not meant to wear my own knit socks. They fit perfect for everyone else, but not me lol I do want to start a quilt soon, looking at the Swoon pattern!

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