Wool to Hat

Finished my second Capucine hat this morning and it won't be the last, thats for sure! I'm already wanting to cast on a 3rd with some chunky Malabrigo yarn I have that I have been dieing to use! I threw together this quick mosaic to show the process of making this hat. I spun the yarn from a Hobbldehoy batt (actually two different ones and then plied them). The yarn is one of my favorite's that I have spun up yet and I still have lots left! Whoo hoo!

Decided to start crocheting a mobius scarf with my latest handspun. If I run out, I plan on adding some hot pink Ozark Handspun for a neat thick stripe. I started to follow a pattern, then decided to frog it and just do my own.

Chunky/Bulky Yarn (or thick handspun)
Size L hook

Chain 20

  • SC first row, chain 1
  • HDC all the remaining rows until you get a long length you like
Lay the scarf flat and twist it once, then crochet the two ends together to form a big loop (with a twist)! 

I'll take pictures of the finished mobius scarf soon when I finish!

It's getting spooky in our house! I still need to get a sign or something cute to hang up on the front door... maybe some lights. I didn't go creepy this year, more vintage kitsch Halloween. It's my favorite holiday next to Xmas and I've been more into the holidays this year than ever before. Maybe it's because Zoƫ is getting older and having more fun with them. Today we painted (well, she did) some wooden frames for xmas gifts to give the grandparents. I need to print off some pictures of her to place inside them to!

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  1. Oohh! I want to see it finished! Think I'll give it a try, too! :)