17 Down 13 To Go!

Last night I stayed up, no idea why, and finished two more blocks! I'm not sure why I was so anxious to stay up till 1am, I could barely keep my eyes open while sewing. Glad I did though because these two blocks turned out amazing!

Block: Spider Web 

Block: Spool

I have finished 17 blocks and have 13 now to go! I'm hoping to pick out the next 4 blocks and fabrics tonight! There are a few I'm dieing to try out and I may make a couple extra for some throw pillows. Can't help it! lol

I would like to add that I am very happy Conrad Murray got the GUILTY verdict today! 

This afternoon I whipped up a super fast frayed scarf for Chuck! I have a few more larger scraps that I may turn into Blythe projects like a mini quilt and more scarves. She is too cute, her eyes remind me of sparkling diamonds here. I love this set on her!

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