Busy Monday!

I have been busy ALL day, with handling Zoë to working on dolls. I finished a custom this weekend and just got a girl in the mail today, a Middie Blythe! This sweet little one is beyond words! She is smaller than a Neo Blythe but bigger than a Petite Blythe. SO cute! She will be getting a fresh new faceup, her alpaca reroot was not done by me though. One day I would love to reroot one!

Notice my logo change on the pictures? Oh yes, check out my website if you like! Check it out here... I'm still woking out the design a tad and the main page though.

A little update on reroots.... I'm working hard on getting the current nylon blend reroot finished, so I hope to make great progress by the end of the week! I should have more pictures again soon!

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