Commission Payments

On top of trying to keep better organized, I have decided to start sending out invoices for payement rather than having you send the payment to me. I'm also working on a little custom/reroot form for the customer to fill out and email back. I will then print this out and store it in a bag with you doll and things you send. To kind of keep it all together and let me stay organized. All the bags will be hung on my studio wall in order that they are received, I can see what I'm working on and where I'm at on each doll.

I have sent out a few invoices this morning for upcoming work, they are the flat $70 custom fee. It does not include chip change, lid art, special carving (vampire) and SBL head opening. The fee's for those will be extra once we have discussed what more you would like done. I will be adjusting the price soon to include all of this for the start of the year.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me anytime guys!

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