Commission Update

I used to do this on Monday's, then stopped doing it when I finished the customs and such. But, I think I'll try to do a commission update 1-2 times per week. This is for those who have dolls at my house getting worked on, reroot commissions and custom dolls that will be up for sale and such. 

Also, I will post a image on flickr letting you guys know when there is an update on the blog for this to!

I have a lot fo customs headed my way! Some are commissions, trades and some will be for sale soon! What I have in front of me this weekend:

- Faceplate for Mab: Currently sanding and carving. Should be good to add color tomorrow or possible tonight.

I'm working on a nylon blend reroot for Coco, I'm still at the part rows but hope to finish the partline by Monday. I should have some photo updates on that by Monday and they will be on flickr and possibly here.

In transit I have roughly 3 Blythes that will be customs for sale soon. I know one is a Friendly Freckles and I think the other is a Simply Peppermint (I must try and resist this one! lol). The other is unknown as of yet. I will be sure to post sneak peeks once I get these girls started but it may be another 2 weeks until you see something, so keep an eye out!

Other than custom Blythe's, I have been toying with bjd faceup's and have several heads "headed" my way (I know, that was cheesy). Once I finish these guys and feel more comfortable and confident I may open up to bjd faceup commissions, but will only take one at a time slowly. So if this is something you might be interested in, I will post when this option is available! :)

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  1. Jess, this is communication is soooooooo vital. I know I place such value on this and feel so comfortable as my girls head your way. Since we are kind of unknown about the RBL heading to you with the Casual Affair scalp..would you like a photo? I can take one today. xo