Littlefee Arrival!

My first YOSD sized doll arrived today, a Littlefee Lewi! I got her in trade for my last custom. She did not have the stock faceup, it was a custom one... then I reworked it and love her! She is a white skin, hard to tell in some pictures, but she is ghost pale in person lol Love her to pieces, I have never seen a Littlefee in person before and I'm in awe at their posing! She will spoil me until my Borry arrives, their posing isn't anywhere near as amazing as this but it's ok. :)

I'm still waiting for her eyes and wig to arrive, so ignore the creep factor lol But I'm so happy about how her faceup turned out, it's way different than I had imagined I would do it, but it's totally fine by me! Love it!

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