More Farming!

Last night I got another 4 blocks done! WOOT! I now have a total of 12 blocks done and I think my new goal is 30, that way I can do a 5x6 block layout with 3" sashing between the blocks, throw on two borders (maybe 2" and 3") and bind! It will be about the same size as the lap size in the book and I can keep the blocks normal and not angled. I fussy cut a few blocks without thinking about that they were supposed to be angled, oop's!

All the blocks together so far! Took this morning in the freezing cold... well, not freezing to some of you but I live in Arizona, so 48 degree's is freezing to me. It will be in the mid 60's all week minus a few 70's here and there. Perfect weather!

It's been stormy lately (yesterday and today so far) and awesome! We haven't got much rain this year so this is perfect for staying indoors with hot chocolate and sewing!

Here are the blocks I did last night, sorry for the crapTASTIC pictures. I used the toilet seat for late night picture taking lol! The toilet seat clearly didn't do these blocks justice and I picked the wrong filter to use on a few, oop's! I was tired and sewing in dim light, not to bad on the points though!

Block: Attic Window 

Block: Noon & Light 

Block: Periwinkle 

Block: Peaceful Hours

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